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Stamp request: Sakura Son fan by Iki-makes-stamps

Hello everyone! Welcome to my page!
My name is Isabella, and I am 15 years old, currently a full-time student. I am in an art academy, but most of the art I post on here is hobby art.
I love to interact with you all, so feel free to talk to me any time, through any medium!
Have a great day!

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Please note that the only languages I speak are English, y un poquito
Español! If you comment on something in any other language, I will attempt to respond using google translate, so I'm sorry if what I say doesn't make a whole lot of sense!


Sakura- Training Gi by Izzybellau
Sakura- Training Gi
The title is a bit self explanitory, as here we have Sakura in her training Gi, as opposed to her every-day-borrowed-from-pan attire.
Ready to blast some punks!

Ink/ Color Pencil/ Gel pens
Dragon ball and all associated media belongs to Akira Toriyama
Hi there guys! 
I was just wondering if you think I should put some adoptable DBZ related characters up for sale, and at what price.
The Complete Biography of Son Sakura by Izzybellau
The Complete Biography of Son Sakura
I decided to make the following masterpost of Sakura's character, as I have realized that she has been gone from DA for a year, and most people have forgotten or have never known her character and story. This is truly meant as a reference for when I enter her into competitions or tournaments, or if anyone is curious about any of her little quirks. So, please enjoy!

:bulletred: History: 
Son Sakura was born around Age 905 to Goku Jr., Grandson of Pan, and Amo Shizuka, a quiet and gentle woman of rich descent. She was born two years after her older twin brothers, Dim and Sum, and two years before her little brother, Shun. She has entered the Budokai Tenkaichi twice, once at the age of 5 and again at the age of 15, but lost both times due to unforeseen and tragic circumstances. She, as well as the entire Son family, has remained close friends with the Briefs family, and has even been known to engage romantically with the young Vegeta III, or Oki, who is the son of Goku Jr.'s best friend, Vegeta Jr. 

She was born and raised in the country, and lives there in a home similar to Son Goku's to this day with her family. She flies out to town to attend school and occasionally fight crime with her siblings.

Throughout her life, she had remained the middle child in terms of both age and strength. However, at the age of 18, she surpassed all of the fighters in her family, and thus the world, by saving the Earth at the hands of the demon lord Mawaru. She was only pushed to this point as every other person she held dear, including her own mother, fell to the hands of the demon, so she entered the form of SSJ5 (which was only achieved once, thus not included in the forms image above). She contacted the spirit world and used the energy of both the living and the dead to create the ultimate energy blast, the Genkidama Kamehameha, and managed to defeat the evil demon and use the Dragon Balls to resurrect his victims. 

She was able to achieve the level of SSJ at the age of 2, SSJ2 at 5, SSJ3 at around 7, and SSJ4 at around 12. Her brothers can achieve all of these forms as well.

:bulletred: Characteristics:
Sakura is a generally happy person, yet she tends to be emotional and boarder-line sensitive. She enjoys being silly and flirtatious, but can also be quite sarcastic. She doesn't tend to be blunt with expressing herself, as she lets her actions speak for her.

She is offended by ignorance and stupidity, yet she cares little for school and most scholastic learning. 

When engaged in conflict, she is cocky and unserious, as she sees herself as the best fighter in the world and doubts in others abilities compared to her own. This has led to her own disadvantage on many an occasion. She enters the levels of SSJ and SSJ2 just to show off, as she finds that even the sight of the transformations scares off most, thus if she is seen in those forms she is not serious. The levels beyond SSJ2, however, show that she is serious about the fight, and will not hold back or joke around any longer, and are reserved for only the most difficult of challengers. 

:bulletred: Appearance:
Sakura is seen wearing the outfit of her Great-Grandmother Pan, as those clothes were given to her by her father when she was only a child. She wears them even now, as she has grown used to their lightness in a fight, despite the fact that they were weighted in her youth (the specific weight fluctuates, but is around 100 lbs on a normal day) and she has dramatically outgrown them. 

She is 5'7", and weighs approximately 140 lbs, or 63.5 kg.

:bulletred: Fighting Style:
Sakura fights almost as though he is dancing, with very fluid and graceful motions. She is a master of strength and speed, but her arrogance often gets in the way. She blocks by crossing her arms to make a X figure with them, and often pushes directed attacks back by pushing the X formation apart. She tends to fight more defensively then offensively, deflecting punches and ki attacks with ease and waiting for an opening before striking. He weaknesses can be found easily in her slowness when is comes to taking the actual fight seriously, and can be incapacitated quite easily and quickly if her opponent downplays their power before striking.

Her signature moves are the Kamehameha, the Burst Rush attack, the Scissor Rush attack, the Sibling Genkidama, and the Genkidama Kamehameha. 

:bulletred: Misc. Trivia:
- Sakura's two strands of brown hair and eyebrowns come from her mother's side, and are not dyed. She didn't take biology, so when asked about the genetics behind it, she never knows how to explain it.
-She always wears a matching set of black underwear.
-He bra size is 34D
-Her shoes are Videl's old fighting boots, and have also been inherited.
-She likes Pop music.
-Her blood type is A+
-She has a B grade average, but is terrible at math and science. However, she likes to show off in PE.
-She plays a lot of ping pong with her family.
-She has always had a great fascination with the Great Saiyaman
-Despite the fact that she can go SSJ4 whenever she pleases, she will never be seen out of battle with a tail. She and her siblings have learned how to force the growth of the Saiyan tail, but hate doing so because then their mother pulls the tails off as soon as the fight has been concluded.
-In most of her SSJ levels, Sakura's hair actually curls. This is a side effect of the large impurity of her Saiyan bloodline, as she is really only fractionally Saiyan.

Ink/ Color Pencil/ Limited digital enhancement using Adobe Photoshop CS6
Dragon ball and all associated media belongs to Akira Toriyama
Hi all! Just wanted to give a small announcement regarding an upgrade in software!

Previously, I was using my phone to capture my art, and then editing the backgrounds in Photoshop to make the image pop. Not, I have been able to obtain a scanner, so please be prepared to see a shift in quality, for better or for worse, as I attempt to figure out this new device!

Thank you for bearing with me,


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Points are greatly appreciated, mostly as encouragement. If you are so kind as of to donate, I can maybe give you free art!

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